About Us

Timka Kutisova Heroica Slavica

As a little girl, I was brought to the basset world by a beautiful animated movie – Rover Dangerfield. Basset as the main character was lazy, epicure and lofty, but as soon as the situation required it, he became a hardworking, social, and loyal loving family dog. The creators very accurately described his typical nature:

Basset is very kind, gentle, adaptable and loving dog. He looks sad and lazy, but the opposite is true. Although he does not despise lounging on the couch, he is an active and passionate hunter. It is an integral part of the family and has a huge heart of pure gold.

It was my love for animals that led me to study veterinary medicine. My husband and I have passion for dogs and hunting. Together we take care of our dogs for shows as well as for hunting.

Our kennel HEROICA SLAVICA was founded in 2017.

Kennel Heroica Slavica

We are located in a small village below Tribeč in western Slovakia. Dogs have a large garden for running and a warm room in house for sleeping. We take care of them with love and respect for their natural needs. They are fed by “BARF”, ie. raw diet that provides them with all the necessary elements, vitamins and minerals in the most natural form.

Come and discover the wonderful and great world of bassets with us.